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Nihi Male Goku Shiba Inu Japan Model

About Me

Hello there, NIHI here.

- フリーランス
- 外国人
- モデル

While growing up, I've always felt connected to Acting. Obvious in many occasions at which I simply stopped crying and started laughing instead, as soon as a camera was pointing at me. Later on I also have enjoyed improvisation classes and theater.


At the age of 19~ I got introduced into Modeling. Gave it a try and worked out surprisingly fast. Quickly found joy in it and apparently talent as well.


In 2018, to improve the quality of pictures and overall to  represent myself better on SNS, I bought a camera in order to take some of my own pictures. Almost immediately Photography turned into a hobby. I put passion and effort in to became good as fast as possible. Original Photoshop skills had a tremendous impact for this goal.


Shortly after, I fulfilled one of my dreams to own a Shiba Inu, who I call Goku. Properly trained and being the treasure of my daily life.


Recently I have also expanded my work into Voice Over, where I found a hidden talent of mine. 

All in all together, the quality I provide is led by the passion and joy I have for my work. And the perfectionist in me trying to get the best results.

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